My Love of Country

Growing up in a disadvantaged household I had to grow up early and fast. As the oldest of four boys, I was the most mature and responsible so I assumed a leadership role in the home. My primary goals were to protect and love my brothers and to work hard.

As a child, I fully understood the environment we were living in, but I also recognized how fortunate we were. We were lucky to be Americans and to live in a country that truly cares for its people.

America took care of us. America supported us. America gave us a chance to live the American Dream. This acknowledgment and appreciation came to me at a very early age. This is why I love America!

What also came to me was the desire to serve and to give back. My dream, my most strident aspiration, and my honest intention has always been to become a politician so that I would have the ability to improve the lives of others. This is my childhood goal. This is God’s will and purpose for my life.

I went through what I went through as a child and adult so that I would have the breadth and depth of life experience to be able to truly represent the people.

America has given me more than I will ever be able to give back. The best that I can do is to try and pay down this lifelong debt by serving this great nation. This is why I am running for Congress.

The voice and perspective of the average American is not represented in Washington.

    • We need someone who has experienced life and understands how hard it is especially when you have minimal resources.
    • We need someone who is able to empathize with others and understands how policy actually impacts people.
    • We need someone who sees the good in people and views everybody as brothers and sisters rather than political adversaries.
    • We need someone who is motivated only by trying to make this life and our country better for everyone!

The goal is to strengthen the American Bond so that we can unleash America’s full potential.

    • We Are going to forge a new American partnership amongst and between each other with the love of country as our North Star.
    • We Are going to expand the definition of diversity to include differing political opinions and beliefs.
    • We Are going to create a tent that is stitched together with the American Flag and invite every American in.
    • We Are going to build a new political paradigm that will serve as a nationwide blue print for political discourse and governance.

We Are Family (U.S. = us)