Why me?

I grew up as the oldest of four boys in a very disadvantaged household. We experienced and saw things that no child should ever see or hear. Things really fell apart and became very difficult after my parents divorced when I was about six years old. My father left and was almost completely consumed by alcohol and drug addiction. He was primarily homeless and earned just enough working the traveling carnival circuit to support his various habits.

We survived because America paid for our housing. America paid for our food. America paid for our health care. America paid for our education. America took care of us.

I am very happy to report that all four of us are now doing very well. We broke the cycle. We made it! My story, our story would not be possible if we grew up in Iraq or Afghanistan or most other places throughout the world. Our story and our success are possible because of America!

I love our country because America gave me a chance to become a man, husband, and father. Most importantly, America gave me a chance to fulfill my destiny and live the American Dream. Words are not able to describe how thankful I am to be American. My sense of gratitude, appreciation, and love for America is embedded with my soul and is essential to who I am.

Even as a child I recognized how fortunate I was to be American, but I also recognized something else. My earliest recollections are clear. God’s purpose for my life is to become a politician so that I will have the greatest ability to give back and help ensure that more kids like myself are actually living the American Dream.

This is my childhood dream. This is my childhood goal. This is why I am running for Congress.

I went through what I went through as a child and now as an adult to prepare me for this moment. To prepare me for this challenge. To prepare me to become the next Representative for California’s 4th Congressional District.

If I am elected we will be living in a more connected and prosperous society.

  • We Are going to strengthen the American Bond so that we can unleash America’s full potential.
  • We Are going to forge a new American partnership where the love of country serves as our North Star.
  • We Are going to expand the definition of diversity to include differing political opinions and beliefs.
  • We Are going to create a tent that is stitched together with the American Flag and invite every American in.
  • We Are going to work together to solve problems and find solutions that benefit everybody.
  • We Are going to build a new political paradigm that will serve as a nationwide blue print for political discourse and governance.

As your representative, I will:

  • Work with any American
  • Represent every American
  • Serve every American

The goal is to ensure that We Are All living the American Dream!

We Are Family (U.S. = us)